a week of nows – week 2

My word for 2018 is img_1210-3focus, which requires paying attention to the moment – the now. So, this year, I’ll be taking note of experiences I may have missed, without focus. Many may seem to be BGO’s ( blinding glimpses of the obvious), but hey, I might have missed them.

Here’s this week of NOWS:

Overwhelming-leave-my-body-limp-tears-of-grief-I-thought-I’d-already-processed come when I least expect them. That’s good.

I also got to see:

  • water fowl walk/waddle across the chunks of ice that were temporarily Lake Waccamaw;
  • the sunrise precisely between the three branches that form the trunk of a huge Bradford Pear tree;
  • as the moon rose, it looked like it was sitting on top of the lake; and
  • a heron THE MOMENT it took flight.

I got to hear, what seemed like hundreds of birds singing in The Swamp, after The Melt.

I shared in radically honest discussion with friends that filled.my.heart.to.the.rim.

I saw the movie Frozen





What NOWs did you experience this week?