taking notice ~ week 35

August 30, 2015

My word fonoticer 2015 is Notice.  I love to observe, but am humbled by how often I realize how much I miss.  I’m looking, but not seeing.  So this year, my intention is to take notice of what’s happening around me.  I’ll post here some of what I notice each week.  I look forward to knowing what you’ve Noticed, too!

463.  I spotted a two dragonflies on a log-sitting turtle in Lake Waccamaw.

464.  It’s so cool that after all these years, Tom and I still never run out of things we absolutely positively have to tell each other immediately.

465.  Trust is is the ultimate security blanket.

466.  As much as love leading retreats, it’s SO FUN to anticipate going to one.

467.  As much I appreciated the “I’m sorry!” note someone left on my windshield, I wish he/she hadn’t scraped my car bumper with a car/grocery cart or whatever.

468.  It’s kinda scary/sad/frustrating I had to call the phone company, threatening to leave, in order for them to remove $30/month of completely useless services from my bill.

469.   A dear friend entering a hospital with cancer in his body and going home cancer-free = priceless.

470.  Open windows on an August morning ROCKS!

471.  Eating a Cinnabon Roll by my Zen Garden with a soul sis leaves me grateFULL.

472.   Receiving over-the-top-phenomenal customer service is surprising and thrilling (AAA Affordable Chimney Supply and Sweep).

473. THAT moon

474.  A spontaneous breakfast with great gal pals and a groovy grandson is nourishing on so many levels.

475.  Zinnias are fast becoming my favorite flowers. (Thanks again Susie AND Vickie!)

476.  The scent of roasted chicken is almost as good as the taste of it.

477.  Not much helps me rest better than Skyping with Mom before bedtime.

What did you notice this week?


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